A video that has gone viral has resulted in an investigation, Grand Rapids Police Sgt. Dan Adams confirmed on Tuesday.

The video shows a man approaching a line of heavily-armed police officers, and while he doesn't seem to pose any real threat, in the sense that he has no weapons visible, the police proceed to pepper spray him. As he turns around, blinded by the pepper spray, the police retaliate once again by throwing a tear gas canister directly at his face, in close range. 

The video ends immediately after the blast from the tear gas canister goes. It is graphic content but you can view it in the Instagram post below. The incident occurred on Saturday night, as protests were led in support of George Floyd. 

Thanks to the video footage of the incident though, the police are now conducting an internal investigation. 

Grand Rapids, Michigan has a curfew imposed tonight, from 7 PM to 5 AM tomorrow.