Michael Cohen is expected to head to jail in the next few months but before then, he's apparently seeking vengeance. After his explosive testimony against Trump last week, he's now reportedly suing the president's family company over unpaid legal fees. 

Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

Trump's former lawyer, Michael Cohen, claims the president didn't fulfill his end of the bargain when it came to compensating him or paying attorney fees relating to his work once he began to cooperate with the feds. Cohen uses congressional hearings and the Mueller investigation as well as the $130K settlement to Stormi Daniels as examples of his work. 

"By failing to pay Mr. Cohen's attorneys' fees and costs and other amounts incurred in connection with the matters, the Trump Organization has breached the indemnification agreement," the filing states, according to CNN.

In the suit, Cohen claims his legal bills for the criminal investigation racked up to $1.9M. 

TMZ reports that in the lawsuit, Cohen claims the Trump Org. agreed to cover his attorney fees in July 2017 after he was first subpoenaed. He says that he received a check for $137,460 in October 2017 which continued until May 2018. He says eventually, the company covered $1.7M in legal fees. However, he claims that in June, their relationship went left and Trump began to distance himself from his former lawyer. $1,037,868 was left unpaid in legal fees which led Cohen's high-powered firm to withdraw from his case.