When Michael Blackson isn't getting trolled by 50 Cent for his colorful outfits, he's usually doing some trolling of his own. As a comedian, you know you're bound to find yourself laughing during at least one of his jokes. With the recent news involving Jussie Smollett staging his own attack, many have started to post original memes and jokes about the Empire actor. He has effectively been written out of the final two episodes of Season 5 but he's still the internet's current darling. Blackson decided to recreate footage of his attack with his own twist, posting it on Instagram.

The two-part video starts with Blackson on the phone with a pair of Nigerian brothers, asking for their help. Then, they make their way over to his spot and he gives them the run-down. "I need two big n***as that could fuck me up without fucking me up," said Blackson. He offers to pay them $3,500 in a local African currency, which ends up only being $15 USD. He tells the brothers not to worry about the aftermath because "ICE is busy with 21 Savage." He winds up with bandages all over his face, sitting down for an interview and describing his attackers: "One had on open-toe Nikes and he also had a pink Gucci blackface sweater. The other one had a Burberry jacket with a rope attached to it."

The recreation is pretty funny with the comedian managing to bring several other hot topics into the conversation.