The last few weeks have been riddled with troubling fashion news. Obviously, today it has been especially difficult to digest the death of the legendary Karl Lagerfeld. The mastermind behind some of Chanel and Fendi's biggest campaigns passed away today after a short battle with cancer. Aside from that, there are tons of newsworthy things going on in the world of luxury clothing. Gucci's blackface scandal is still pretty hot with artists calling them out for making such a poor choice. Now, Burberry is in the hot seat because of a hoodie that was part of their London Fashion Week showcase. The product in question has a noose around the neck, which is meant to bring out the nautical themes of their collection. However, it was taken in a much more morbid way.

CNN has reported that the iconic brand is apologizing for the hoodie, which was seen as "insensitive" towards the topic of suicide. Model Liz Kennedy, who modelled in the show, was critical of the decision to have a noose around the product's neckline but her words were largely ignored. "Suicide is not fashion," wrote Kennedy. "It is not glamorous nor edgy," said the model in a lengthy statement. 

The CEO of Burberry has issued an apology, saying, "We are deeply sorry for the distress caused by one of the products that featured in our A/W 2019 runway collection. Though the design was inspired by the marine theme that ran throughout the collection, it was insensitive and we made a mistake."

The item has been pulled from the upcoming collection.