You'd be hard pressed to find a producer who held it down harder than Metro Boomin in 2017. Metro's run was damn near prolific, lacing one of Future's biggest songs in "Mask Off," collaborative albums with Gucci Mane, Offset/21 Savage, and Big Sean, and laying down a few hits for Migos, including Culture's "Bad And Boujee." Not only that, but Metro shows no signs of slowing down; the Atlanta producer recently became one of the faces of The Gap, holding it down for the company's new Remix campaign. All things considered, it feels like it's time for Metro to become a household name, in the same way Pharrell, Timbaland, Dr. Dre and Swizz Beatz were back in the early millennium. 

And while fans recognize the influence Metro has had on today's musical climate, it would appear that the Grammy Awards were more hesitant to recognize his achievements. The producer was ultimately snubbed from the Producer Of The Year category, an omission previously lamented by Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig. In an interview with Billboard,

Metro acknowledges the snub, and admits he's pretty unfazed by the whole thing. "You know, we don't be tripping off stuff like that. We just keep it moving, man," explains Metro. "I feel like for the people, it's more important than [awards]. I'm just here to service the people. As long as that happens what I do, that's really all that what matters to me."

Metro also gives his endorsement for Best Rap Album, at least, to an extent. "I think Kendrick's strong man. I fuck with Kendrick. I fuck with Migos. Like, we got history. Seeing the Migos winning, that would be good. But, you know, whoever wins. I fuck with Kendrick hard, too, though. You know, he had a very, very dope album." For more from Metro, check out the full interview here.