Metro Boomin is taking even more steps towards artistic autonomy by issuing a merch-run associated with his Not All Heroes Wear Capes project. The items up for grabs in this fast-expiring consumer window include an assortment of rarefied t-shirts.

The fixture at the top of the online shop pitches a bundle that couples together an exclusively signed "Missing Person" poster that comes with a digital copy of the album.

Other items on the menu include "Boominati" hoodies and t-shirts, and three different baseball caps bearing distinct insignias pertaining to the lore of the album, and his mysterious hiatus. There are also vinyl pressings, cassette tapes, and compact disc versions of the album, all ironically coupled with a digital copy as well.

If you choose to buy a baseball cap from the expiring catalog, you can pair it with a sporty jacket bearing the "Silent Guardian" insignia. One hoodie in the selected catalog features a Webster definition of heroism to go along with the album's non-figurative theme. Metro Boomin is offering a little bit of everything in a PG-friendly "discount." Act fast, the clock is ticking.   

Cop your "Missing" right here right now, and peep our review of Not All Heroes Wear Capes right here.