She may twerk, turn up, and "drive the boat," but outside of her music career, one of Megan Thee Stallion's main priorities is finishing her college education. The Texas Southern University College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences student is back in school, but because her lifestyle now requires her to travel often, she no longer takes classes on campus.

Following a summer of partying around the world with her famous friends, school is back in session for Megan. On Friday evening, the 24-year-old shared a video of herself on Instagram that showed her typing away fiercely on the computer as Shordie Shordie's "Betchua (Bitchuary)" played in the background. "Finishing my homework before my after party 😭😂," she captioned the clip.

There were some of Megan's fans who supported the rapper's quest for higher learning, while there were others who criticized her, accusing her of sharing the video for attention. "Why is someone recording you then?.....Did you stop pressing buttons on the keyboard when the video went off??" a person commented.

"Damn you want my black board log in info officer?" Megan replied to the critic, also adding, "Sometimes people just be commenting anything for likes and attention 😂 I be thinking y’all dead ass serious I’m abt to stop replying to dumb sh*t."