A lot has been said about Judge Genece Brinkley, and her history of untoward behavior in her dealings with Meek Mill. After originally giving him ten years of probation, she then sentenced him to 2-4 years in prison for popping a wheelie on his bicycle. It was also reported that during an off-the-record meeting with Meek, she asked him to cover a Boyz II Men song with Nicki Minaj and shout her out in it. 

Meek has been fighting to rid himself of Judge Brinkley ever since, but thus far he's had no luck in doing so, as a state court judge denied his request to have Brinkley removed from the case. Taking their case to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, Meek's lawyers have put forth new allegations against Brinkley, saying that her previous claims of "intense trauma" should disqualify her from the case. 

As reported by TMZ, a 2014 lawsuit Brinkley brought against a hotel over an incident where she was "traumatized" after finding a maid's name tag in her bed is the basis for Meek's latest argument against Brinkley. Brinkley also claimed in a separate civil lawsuit that she had been left with "severe head trauma" and "neurological" injuries as a result of a 2016 car accident. 

Meek's lawyers claim that if Brinkley is to be believed on her recollection of these events, then she should be disqualified from presiding over Meek's case, as she wouldn't be in her right mind, mentally. It's now up to the State Supreme Court to decide whether this is enough to have her taken off the case.