Meek Mill is still battling to get Judge Genece Brinkley off of the case, although she has refused to do so. In an "off the record" comment made during an interview for Meek Mill's upcoming docuseries with Roc Nation and Amazon, her lawyer, Charles Peruto, said that if he was the lawyer, he would have given Meek a new trial. He continued to say that Brinkley "looks f—ing awful." He sued the docuseries producers to ensure that none of the comments up in the docuseries but Amazon and Roc Nation are arguing that "spoken word" property can't be seized.

Although Peruto wants to regain "personal property," Roc Nation and the other defendants in the case have argued otherwise.

"Peruto's replevin claim fails for a basic and threshold reason," reads a motion to dismiss the case. "He alleges the property at issue is the 'oral communication' defendants recorded. Peruto's spoken words, however, are not goods or chattel. And, in turn, the words he uttered are not physical property subject to a replevin action as a matter of law."

They continued to say that Peruto can't recover property that exists in only a digital form and would have to be a physical object in order to get seized. 

Peruto has since filed a separate lawsuit accusing the producers of violating the Wiretap Act. In Pennsylvania, both parties need to agree on recordings being made, but Peruto filed his lawsuit under federal law, where only one person needs to consent to the recording. 

[Via Hollywood Reporter]