The legion of fans, celebrities, and political figures calling for Meek Mill's release from prison have had their hopes raised and dashed time and time again. However, this time things might actually be different. 

The whole thing has been a completely wild story, but the main obstacle in Meek's constant legal troubles has been Judge Genece Brinkley, who has been overseeing Meek's probation and was responsible for blocking his legal team's most recent attempt to have Meek released on bail.

According to Complex, however, Judge Brinkley is no longer an issue for Meek's case, thanks to Philadelphia's District Attorney Larry Krasner. Krasner had previously been open to Meek's release on bail, before it was blocked by Judge Brinkley. However, Krasner has now decided to allow Meek's petition to be released on bail to be decided by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, and will be completely out of Judge Brinkley's hands.

This is great news for Meek fans, as Judge Brinkley has been accused of exhibiting a bias against Meek, and taking an unusual interest in his serving out his probation. Meek Mill's team has previously filed a motion to have her taken off his case, but that decision has yet to be made.

With Judge Brinkley gone, and the approval of the District Attorney, it seems much more likely now that Meek will be allowed his release on bail. That being said, we've been through this before, and until Meek walks out of prison a free man, we'll be screaming Free Meek.