Since Meek Mill's sentencing back in November, everyone from athletes to artists to fans have been trying to get him out of jail. The rapper and his lawyer have claimed the judge had it out for him and was even sentenced despite the prosecutors and his probation officer suggesting otherwise. Meek claimed the judge had it out for him and had some odd requests for him. While there's yet to be solid evidence pertaining to it, Meek Mill is inches away from possibly confirming his claims.

A judge has reportedly ordered the release of documents that might be able to prove Judge Genece Brinkley held some sort of bias against Meek Mill during his probation violation case, TMZ reports. Following the wildly unjust two to four year sentence he received for probation violation, his lawyer, Joe Tacopina, suggested that she had a bias against the Philly rapper.

In addition, Tacopina says the hearing within chambers was recorded and that specific conversation is the necessary evidence needed to prove her bias during Meek's trial. 

Some of the misconduct she's accused of is asking Meek to fire Roc Nation as his management in order to hire a local promoter, Charlie Mack, who was claimed to be a friend of Brinkley, although Mack he doesn't know her.

Meek also claimed the judge tried to make him re-record Boyz II Men's "On Bended Knee" and give her a shout out on the song. Meek denied it and said that her failed career as an actress played a factor in her dislike towards him. 

Once the transcript of the hearing in chambers comes through and if it proves his claims, Meek Mill is likely to be released from jail.

We'll keep you updated.