Meek Mill's incarceration has brought many a supporter out of the woodwork. Even if you aren't necessarily a fan of Meek's music, the sheer magnitude of injustice surrounding his imprisonment is simply too massive to ignore. From musicians to actors, many high profile entertainers have voiced their support for the Wins And Losses rapper. And while some felt the Free Meek campaign was a fool's errand, it would appear that freedom may very well be horizon after all; recent reports of corruption in the Philadelphia police force (with one of Meek's arresting officers named as an offender) have clearly cast doubt on the already dubious process. 

If Meek does ultimately find his sentence overturned, Kevin Hart believes the move will prove paramount in improving the system. TMZ caught the actor and comedian, who proceeded to drop some knowledge on the potential consequences. "As a Philadelphia native, I think everything happens for a reason. Meek going to jail, and his story now coming out is really going to force the system to do better," says Kevin. "You're looking at injustice at a very high level. Unfortunately it happened to Meek, but that's my guy, I've talked to him several times. His head is up. He'll be out soon, and when he comes out he'll come out better than ever."

When asked whether or not police corruption is done in Philadelphia, Kevin is less optimistic. "You would like to say that it is, but you never know. You can't answer those questions." He goes on to encourage positive energy, explaining that change can only come it the people will it into existence. "Be a leader. I'm too small!"

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