It looks like Meek Mill’s camp is tired of waiting around for action to take place. On Tuesday, the MMG rapper’s legal team filed another motion to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court seeking the immediate removal of Judge Genece Brinkley from the case Complex reports.

The defense claims the judge has “exceeded the judicial role by sometimes essentially acting as a prosecutor and, at other times, taking an unusual interest in, and trying to inject herself into [Meek’s] personal and professional life.”

If you’re unaware, Judge Brinkley had been accused of abusing her powers to try and retaliate against Meek after he refused to comply with her alleged personal requests. Reports have suggested that the judge wanted Meek to give her a shoutout on a record and get signed by a friend of hers in the Philadelphia music scene, neither of which Meek would do. So as a result, she threw the hammer at him.

Meek’s lawyers allege that Brinkley’s personal attorney, Charles Peruto Jr., has made comments about the case to the press, and has threatened to sue Meek and his team on the judge’s behalf.

This report comes just a week or so after the Philadelphia D.A. announced they would not oppose Meek Mill’s release on bail.

Meek’s upcoming appeal hearing is set for April 16. We’ll continue to keep you posted moving forward.