Being on house arrest sucks, but if you're a musician, the bright side is usually that you can spend the extended time indoors working on your craft. Unfortunately, Meek Mill's sentence specifically states he can not record any music over the 3 months he's required to stay within his Philadelphia home.

According to TMZ, Meek is making an effort to appeal this particular end of the bargain, with his lawyer, Joe Tacopina, reportedly filing papers to request the proper permissions.

According to the source, Meek actually has a full studio setup in his crib, so it would be pretty unfortunate if he couldn't take advantage of the facilities while he waits out his sentence.

We know that the rapper's MMG comrades Rick Ross and Gunplay both made great music while under house arrest, so why not give Meek that opportunity?

We'll keep you updated with any new developments in the appeal.