Meek Mill’s fight for a new trial is now being backed by Charles Peruto, the attorney who actually represents Judge Genece Brinkley. On Tuesday, TMZ obtained some audio of Judge Genece Brinkley’s lawyer saying that his attorney looks "fucking awful” and she should grant Meek a new trial.

Recorded back in May, Peruto can be heard saying on audio tape: "That was hard to do, because defending this judge is now becoming (inaudible). Why doesn't she just grant this f**king thing?”

Peruto also says if he were the judge on this case, he'd let it go because the prosecution and the defense agree a new trial should be granted. He adds Meek's attorney, Brian McMonagle, has an easier job in this case because he's on the right side of the issue.

Now hours after the Judge’s own lawyer said this about his client, Meek Mill has shared the audio clip himself of TMZ’s coverage of the story, and responded accordingly on IG.

“Everybody knows what’s going on.... you can’t make this stuff up.... and this the same lawyer that came to see me and discussed my case b4 he became the judges lawyer smh! Come on #philadelphia #pennsylvania I did too much work in my community to be treated like I don’t have rights!”

Check out the audio recording and Meek’s response (below). We’ll continue to keep you posted moving forward.