With news breaking yesterday that Meek Mill's case is finally looking up as it may be overturned altogether, there are obviously still negative sides to every situation. Meek has been on probation for his entire life as an adult. His most recent probation violation landed him in prison for 2-4 years, although the violation was non-criminal and non-violent. A panel was held this week to discuss the injustice embedded in Philadelphia's criminal system. Meek spoke at the reform panel, from jail of course, in an event that may have jumpstarted the efforts to get the rapper out of prison.

While news of Meek Mill's case possibly being overturned in the near future is wonderful, it does not change the fact that Meek appears to have been a victim of a corrupt and faulty system for years. It also does not change how Meek has had to invest a lot of his hard-earned money on lawyers, attorneys and the like to represent him during the dramatic unfolding of his case. Meek has coughed up an estimated $30 million in legal fees since the beginning of his history with the Philadelphia justice system. Judge Brinkley has been trying to rid herself of Meek for years, at one point stating, "I don't have to deal with you ever again."

Meek's management has claimed the extravagant number of expenses in an exclusive interview with Rolling Stone, which has since gone viral. For the rapper to still be in police custody after shelling out so much coin is astonishing and, especially since his arresting officer has been confirmed as a "corrupt cop," we hope everything is settled shortly.

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