It's been a long and winding road, but it would appear that the Free Meek movement continues to gain ground. In this most recent development, Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner has released a list of reportedly corrupt police officers to the Philadelphia Inquirer. By doing so, Krasner has revealed that Meek's arresting officer, Reginald Graham, was among those accused of corruption. You can read the full list right here. Apparently, Graham was being investigated for several acts of corruption, and Meek's team even accused him of lying under oath.

Meek's lawyer, Joe Tacopina, is optimistic that this new development will bode well for his client. In an official statement, Tacopina spoke about the "Do Not Testify List", saying The release of the so-called “Do Not Testify” list – which includes Meek’s arresting officer, Reginald Graham – supports everything in the motions filed by Meek and others wrongfully arrested by Officer Graham for post-conviction relief.  We are hopeful that this is the final step in the process to get Meek and the other defendants released on bail and to have their convictions overturned.” 

It's never easy to say, but it feels as if this might actually lead to a win for the incarcerated rapper. Hopefully Tacopina can continue his quest for justice, and by this time next year we can be bumping some new Meek Mill. We actually spoke with Tacopina a while back, and he made reference to the then-secret list of corrupt officers. For more on that, check out our interview below.