Back in November, Meek Mill's two to four year prison sentence was injustice but it also helped spark a necessary dialogue about prison reform and the justice system as a whole. Rappers, athletes, entertainers and many others have spoken out against his unfair sentencing. TIDAL recently hosted a "Reform" panel to bring light to some of the injustices in America happening to other people aside from Meek. While the rapper's mother was tapped to sit in on the panel on his behalf, the rapper's lawyer, Joe Tacopina, managed to get the rapper on the phone.

Meek Mill recently phoned in to the "Reform: Bringing Injustice To Light" earlier today and managed to share a message with some of his followers and supporters. Meek thanked those who've been riding for him since his incarceration and made sure to share his appreciation for those that have been fighting to get him released from jail. 

"I appreciate all the love and all the support from the people from Philadelphia, all over the world. The people that have been showing support. I think it's about time Pennsylvania had this type of light shined on the system because I'm actually caught up in the system, not just me myself. Me and a bunch of other young men and older men and you know, it's kind of hard to get out of." He said.

The rapper also spoke on his appreciation for Philadelphia and the struggles he went through growing up in the city. 

The rapper's attorney was on stage alongside Al Sharpton and Meek's mother who was holding a poster of her son on stage. The "Reform: Bringing Injustice To Light" was partially inspired by the #Justice4Meek movement that's not only shining a light on his situation but many others in America.