A rapper's passing is a tragic affair, and the game still mourns slain West Coast legend Nipsey Hussle. Though he left behind a strong mixtape catalog, Victory Lap served as his lone studio album; his magnum opus, as fate would have it. Yet Nipsey was a worker and his outlook on music was no different. Before his passing, Nip was in the process of crafting a collaborative tape with Meek Mill. Unfortunately, his plans to release that in the summer of 2019 were shattered upon his murder.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Since then, little has been known about Nipsey's posthumous catalog. The very topic is a sensitive one, with decisions often being left to the estate. One fan took to Twitter to ask Meek Mill about the album's status during an impromptu "Ask Meek" session, following the release of his own new single "Believe."

"We never finished it," confirms Meek. "It’s songs left but they for his family!" A bittersweet response, but an understandable one. Perhaps the time will come for the world to hear what Nip and Meek were cooking up. Perhaps not. Either way, Nipsey's memory will live on. Rest in peace.