Meek Mill is still getting over his beef with Drake, but it isn't stopping him from going at Wale in a very similar fashion today. 

Taking to Instagram, Meek attacked Wale for comments he made on the Breakfast Club this morning, where he discussed Meek's beef with Drake as well as his own struggles with depression. In the conversation he criticized Meek's approach to the beef in a fairly level-headed way, saying "he brought a pencil to a gunfight," and suggesting that fans would take Drake's side no matter what Meek's response was.

Meek accused Wale of gossiping to promote his new music, as well as saying he's no longer a part of MMG. Later on, he claims that Wale was attempting to call him because he thought Ross owed them both money. He also takes plenty of shots about Wale's depression throughout.

Read the full post below. Knowing Wale, he won't be able to resist replying.

UPDATE:Wale has responded, joking about Meek's request for him to jump off a roof on Twitter. He's also listed the other people he spoke about while on the radio show, probably as an effort to prove it wasn't all about Meek.