The reformation of the criminal justice system in America is a focal point for Meek Mill, and the rapper continues to change lives with his activism. We recently reported on Meek and Van Jones introducing House Bill 1925, a bill that will hopefully enact changes in the parole and probation system. Meek, along with his REFORM Alliance co-chairs, would like to see a reduction in probationary periods, rewards for good behavior, and an implementation of programs that would keep recidivism at an all-time low.

"This proposed bill is the first step in changing the criminal justice system and it’s only right that we start in my home state,” Meek said. "I’ve lost too much time away from my son, my family, my friends and fans in Philly because of outdated probation laws, so I want to make sure people don’t have to go through what I did."

Democratic politician Dwight Evans is a member of the House of Representatives, and when TMZ caught up with him on Capitol Hill, they asked Rep. Evans what his thoughts were on Meek leading the charge in criminal justice reformation. "I'm happy that's occurring," he said. "You know, we need all of the activity, the consciousness raising. I'm happy that Meek Mill along with Van Jones are raising the consciousness, just to get the message to people [that] we've got to do something about this criminal justice system."

There's also no doubt in Rep. Evans' mind that more rappers should be vocal about this issue. "I think there's no question about it. Think about it...he's from the congressional district that I represent, in terms of southwest Philly. I know him. I've seen him in action. I know what he means and the affect that he has. He has that affect upon people, on someone who has just given up on this political system. He gives them a sense of hope that he's willing to take each challenge on. They're not easy, but he's willing to confront them."

With all the good Meek is doing for his city and beyond, is it time for him to get his own statue in Philly like Rocky Balboa? "Why not?" Rep. Evans said with a smile. "He deserves a statue like Rocky."