Meek Mill has been dealing with some other legal issues aside from his probation violation case. The rapper was sued in 2017 by a man who claimed he was shot at Meek's concert. However, it looks like Meek came into 2019 with one less case he'll have to stress over.

According to The Blast, Dylan Thomas filed documents on Dec. 27th letting the judge know that he's dropping all claims against Live Nation, Meek Mill and the Oakdale Music Theatre in Connecticut. The case against Meek Mill, Live Nation, and the venue will be closed. 

Thomas sued Meek Mill, Live Nation and the Oakdale Music Theatre in Connecticut in 2017 after he was allegedly shot in the leg. Thomas blamed the three defendants for allowing "thugs" into the venue and claimed there have been other incidents like this at Meek Mill concerts. Meek Mill denied any responsibility for the damages caused.

Unfortunately, Meek has two other lawsuits stemming from the same concert that he must deal with. The estate of Travis Ward hit Meek Mill with a wrongful death lawsuit after Ward was killed during the shooting outside of the Oakdale Music Theatre. The estate of Jaquan Graves also sued Meek Mill for wrongful death. The rapper, Live Nation and the venue were accused of being negligent in the way they handled security. They also accused Meek's music of inciting violence.