Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling came under fire this week, after a recording that finds him telling his girlfriend not to "associate" with black people or bring them to his games surfaced online. Meek Mill has now spoken out on the subject, calling Sterling "the definition of racism" before protesting Las Vegas' alleged opposition to rap performers.

Meek argued that people with similar beliefs to Sterling can be found everywhere, writing on Twitter, "He could b your judge.... Your doctor.....you teacher etc... I bet nothing happens 2 him!"

He then takes the city of Las Vegas to task for allegedly discouraging rap performances. "Vegas saying no hip hop rapper can have a event in Las Vegas something need 2 b done about this bcuz it is a racist act!" said Meek.

The rapper then revealed that he would pursue legal action if not given answers on why he has seemingly been barred from performing, and argued that the "old racists" in power are the ones making these kind of decisions.

Read his tweets below.