Max B was instrumental in Jim Jones forming the Byrd Gang Collective but the two ended up having a falling out that resulted in years of feuding, even while Biggavell was incarcerated. They've since made amends with each other but in a recent interview from what appears to be his forthcoming documentary, Biggavell explained that it was just a matter of egos clashing.

"I think two egos were just coming together. Two big personalities. I wasn't there for that. I was just happy to be involved, you know what I'm sayin'?" Max B says in a new clip from a jailhouse interview. "I'm never trying to come take nobody shit. I'm in my own -- I'm in my own world, b. I'm an existentialist. I like to do my own shit," he continued.

"It was just egos clashing, a lack of respect, you know what I'm sayin'? A lack of everything. That shit don't mix well," Max B added. "Next thing you know [Jim Jones and I] are beefin'," he added." It should've went a different way. Today, I think we would've handled the situation different. We was young. We was all crazy."

Max B's rumored to be readying his release in 2021 after his sentence was cut down. He released the House Money EP last year as well as Coke Wave 4 with French Montana. Max B is clearly putting in work and plotting his return to the rap game.