Martin Shkreli and Milo Yiannopoulos were scheduled to appear at a speaking engagement at UC Davis, where they were met with a group of protesters. An individual in the ambushing crowd reportedly threw feces -- it's still unclear whether it was canine or otherwise -- in the billionaire's face. Video evidence shows someone did throw something at Pharma bro's face, but he denies it was excrement.

“There was no poop thrown, unfortunately. This is what they call ‘fake news.’ There was something thrown — my security determined it to be leaves, which I brushed off. The lack of smell, stain or other obvious findings eliminates the possibility,” he told Mashable.

In the video, a protester yells out "piece of shit" as Shkreli gets hit with something in his face and hair. He rubs the substance off with his hand but it's too dark to see what was thrown.