Martin Shkreli is back, entangled in yet another hip-hop related controversy. The much-maligned businessman slash procurer of rare hip-hop albums has somehow managed to get his hands on The Carter V. Shkreli leaked one of the tracks back in December, but after catching some heat from Wayne's camp, Shkreli promised he would abstain from any further premature drops.

Well, he lied.

TMZ reports that in a recent livestream, Shkreli previewed two brand new Carter V joints, including "Mona Lisa", which features Kendrick Lamar. Shkreli claimed the K.Dot cut was the highlight of the album, and proceeded to play it on a questionable set of speakers. You'd think dude would have a better sound system, with at least some semblance of clarity. Guess not. The second track he previewed was called "Life Of Mr. Carter," which didn't last very long.

At this point, the whole drama surrounding Carter 5 is getting ridiculous. The album is done, damn it. While Martin Shkreli is sitting around bumping some exclusive Weezy, we're stuck here reading about the about the latest Birdman & Wayne legal record label bullshit. Knowing that Martin Shkreli has access to a Lil Wayne & Kendrick collaboration that we may very well never hear is, quite frankly, a damn shame.