Mariah Carey's old assistant is ready to unleash her revenge plot. Since parting ways with the singer, Lianna Azarian is stating that Mariah's former manager Stella Bulochnikov was abusive towards her. Azarian alleges that Bulochnikov slapper her butt and breasts urinated on her, and even tackled her to the ground in their worst moments together.

Worst of all, Lianna Azarian says Mariah Carey was complicit in all the action. She would later claim that Mariah Carey was herself responsible for the physical, emotional and psychological waged against her. Other undisclosed offenders were named by Azarian in her documentation.

The court-issued documents describe Bulochnikov's conduct in the following words: "placing objects under her breasts such as iPhones, television remote controls and utensils." Initially, it was Mariah who was suing Azarian after obtaining evidence that her intimate affairs were being secretly videotaped by the personal assistant. Mariah's claim is that Azarian held the tapes hostage for a lump sum of $8 million.

In response to Mariah's initial claims of blackmail, Azarian's lawyer Mark Quigley called the accusations "baseless" and "an attempt to attack my client's character and deflect attention away from workplace harassment and wrongful termination lawsuit." Quigley would later publish a statement affirming his client's "absolute" innocence, on all claims. Only Mariah's ex-manager Stella Bulochnikov has remained silent throughout the course of this 2-day litigation battle.