Forty-nine-year-old Bruce Alexander was arrested from his Southwest flight after groping a woman sitting next to him, Bossip  reports. Bruce was charged with abusive sexual contact for “touching a passenger’s breast without their permission” when police detained him in Albuquerque on Sunday. According to the publication, a female passenger claimed she fell asleep 15 minutes after take-off and woke up when she “felt movement on the right side of her sweater.”

At first, she brushed it off as an accident, but Bruce persisted, touching her “no less than three times." The woman told police that each time she saw “a hand that had thick fingers, were hairy and dirty fingernails" grope her. No other passengers on the plane saw the incident, but they did hear her order Bruce to stop, the file notes. 

The unidentified woman called on a flight attendant to give her another seat. Once Bruce was inside the police vehicle he reportedly told officers that the President doesn't have issues with groping women. 

Bruce is facing up to two years in jail and a $250,000 fine as he remains in federal custody.