There comes a time, generally when one reaches a certain age, where the idea of teenagers blasting music proves enough to send one's mind into curmudgeonly fits. In such cases, one can opt for the admittedly lame move of calling the cops, or simply grit one's teeth, cross one's arms, and move on. Or, if you're this gun-toting Oregon man by the name of Terry McCutcheon, you can opt to "get the strap." 

According to a report from the Oregonian, the unhinged fellow in question pulled out the gun after several teenagers started blasting PnB Rock's "Selfish." According to Jose Bravo, 18, one of the teenagers involved in the altercation, the man hopped out his pickup truck with an aggressive request. "The guy was like, 'Yo, play some good music.' And we were like, 'Yo, mind your own business," says Bravo, painting quite the picture.

Apparently, the exchange heated up, until Bravo finally told the man to "shut the fuck up." Apparently, such insults were too much for McCutcheon to handle; he proceeded to pull out a loaded gun and aim it at the teenagers. "We heard him cock the gun and just took off running," says Bravo. After calling the cops, McCutcheon was later found parked in his vehicle, drunk and still in possession of his firearm. Apparently, he knew he done goofed, and was later sent to Lincoln County Jail to think about his misdeeds.

On the man's disturbingly violent overreaction, PnB Rock opted for an open-and-shut statement: "He a bitch. Period."