Remember when Barack Obama was the President of the United States? It seems like forever ago but those were good times. Really good times. With Donald Trump currently serving as the most powerful man in the country, we've had a rough go at things. Trump has been one of the most divisive Presidents of all time with a large number of supporters and detractors alike. Barack Obama's daughter Malia has been hard at work at Harvard University but she had enough time to update a secret Facebook page with some anti-Trump messages, making us all proud.

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

According to Daily Mail, the account was used during Obama's last year of high school and her gap year. It operates under a pseudonym, which makes sense considering she's a public persona. Much of the content she posted was banal, showing photos of herself and her friends during trips or hang-out sessions. However, the cover image on the secret page turned some heads. At the top of her account, there is an image of a counter with four post-it notes reading: "Donald Trump is President. This is not normal. Donald Trump is evil. Don't be complacent."

It's unclear whose home the post-it notes are placed in. On the year-old upload, Joe Biden's granddaughter commented, saying that she "likes" it. It shouldn't be too surprising that Malia is not a fan of Donald Trump. After the way Trump spoke about her father, nobody in Obama's family should be supporting Donald.