Magic Johnson is now not only the face of basketball greatness, but also the face of a high profile lawsuit. According to a report from TMZ, the former NBA player filed a lawsuit against Gina Amir Atelier for an incident stemming from his 25th wedding anniversary last year.

The story goes that Magic borrowed two pieces of fine jewelry for the event totaling $850,000. The aforementioned jeweler took a $250,000 deposit for the pieces and that was that. 

Here is where the story gets tricky as Magic claims his wife Cookie returned the jewelry a week later but to his dismay, the company did not refund his deposit. Now he is seeking the return of his deposit in full in the new lawsuit. He also claims that the jeweler is a "thieves den" and that they were using him as a "personal atm."

While there are no specific details on the lawsuit, stay tuned for details as this situation as the potential to get messy as the plot thickens.