Sometimes, an actor must undergo an unbecoming physical transformation in order to achieve maximum believability. Machine Gun Kelly is experiencing such a process first hand. Now, in the wake of his eventful September, Gunner has immersed himself into the actor's lifestyle. Unfortunately, the part he's currently tapped to play is a bald-ass-motherfuck*er. Machine Gun Kelly took to Instagram to lament the impending loss of his locks, which were once so notoriously clowned by Eminem on "KILLSHOT." In any case, it would appear that MGK is going full method with it, forsaking a bald-cap in favor of the "au-naturel" look.

"I start filming tomorrow," writes MGK, on Instagram. "Say goodbye to my hair. i don’t have any in this role. lol. fuck." One has to wonder if the bald-headed Kelly will adopt a newfound persona, a la Heisenberg. In all seriousness, it's cool to see Machine Gun Kelly dedicating himself to his craft, as many rappers clearly feel like the transition into acting is a painless endeavor. How wrong they are.