Some might call it an unholy union. It wouldn't be surprising, given both Machine Gun Kelly and Lil Xan's respective positions in the game. That's not to say both artists lack respect, though a beef with Eminem and generally inconsistent behavior certainly can certainly prove troublesome obstacles. As of now, both the Rap Devil and Diego have spent time on the outside looking in. It's no wonder the pair found common ground, if this recent meet-and-greet is any indication.

Xan took to Instagram to share a picture of the "Trouble Makers," seemingly basking in the "heel" status like lovable WWE characters of old. Pictured are the only and only Xan, crouched down with libations on deck, while Machine Gun Kelly flips two middle fingers at those who dare slander his good name. In some ways, it's nice to see two oft-maligned figures link up in the face of adversity. The downtrodden must stick together in times of need. As we know, both MGK and Xan have had moments of prosperity; perhaps they can find further success in tandem.