Yesterday in Los Angeles, rapper Mac P Dawg was murdered in a shooting. The Shoreline Mafia affiliate was 23 years old. The tragic news was confirmed by Shoreline Mafia members OhGeesy and former member Fenix Flexin, who recently announced plans to part ways with the group. 

As of now, details surrounding the murder remain scarce, though Adam 22 did confirm that the rapper was killed in a shooting. "Shoreline Mafia associate Mac P Dawg was gunned down in LA tonight. Rest In Peace," he captioned on Twitter, alongside a few pictures of Mac P.

"Speechless bro love u always , macpforever." He also furthered his message in his story, writing "Ima make u mo then proud I kno u right here with me I can feel yo energy even tho you gon yo energy gon live thru me 4 ever." Fellow Shoreline Mafia member OhGeesy uploaded his own tribute to Mac P Dawg, captioning the picture with "LUV U FOREVER. JOSHYWORLD." 

Last year, Mac P Dawg spoke with The Hype Magazine about his aspirations in the music industry. "I’m just a 23-year-old Hispanic based outta LA doing what I gotta do to support my family," he said. "I can’t do what I’m doing right now to get money forever so I gotta move on to something I’m more passionate about. I was always into music so that had to be my go to. Now I’m confident that this what I gotta do."

Rest in peace, Mac P Dawg.