Lupe Fiasco's every action was scrutinized in the years following his declaration of Obama as a terrorist. Those comments were quickly followed by a quip about political agency in America and god knows how many other times he stepped offside. The question begs asking: who wants him forcibly removed from 'the culture' and why has he been assigned the symbol of the demon? At what cost? Does anyone even care about his well-being in 2018? Look the other way (?)

Well it seems, he still has the ability to stoke some flames. His recent visit on Instagram Live produced a 'memorable' moment in which he decided to rate Ryan Coogler's Black Panther.

“So (Black Panther) still falls in the category of being an okay film,” he stated. “I don’t think that the acting was like super amazing. Because one, I don’t think we’re used to seeing Black people on screen that much, and so when you do see a movie that’s all Black folks, this for me specifically, there’s a bias.” 

Lupe's criticism of the public's bias over its perceived cultural impact momentarily set the twitterverse on ablaze. See below for their reaction and his response after the fact.

The man himself:

[via XXL]