Ludacris is continuing to diversify his investments. After launching his restaurant Chicken N’ Beer in the Atlanta airport in late 2016, the Atlanta rapper is turning his attention to the lucrative world of mobile apps. He’s partnered with filmmaker and startup founder Edwin Benton to create an app called Slang N’ Friendz.

The app is basically Words With Friends (aka Scrabble) with a simple twist – users can use slang terms, but only those that are included in the game’s dictionary. Certain slang terms like “turnt” and “bae” result in bonus points, and users can submit new slang words (along with their place of origin) in an Urban Dictionary-style crowdsourcing.

“I thought it was a perfect partnership because hip hop is a genre that is known for creating slang and some of that slang even making it into the dictionary,” Ludacris explained to TechCrunch. For anyone who was hoping the game would involve slangin’ in the drug dealing sense, we’re sorry to disappoint you. You’ll probably be pretty good at Slang ’N Friendz though!

The app is now available for Android and iOS.

[via TechCrunch]