Warning: Spoilers Ahead

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On this week's episode ofLove & Hip Hop Atlanta, boo'd up members of the cast made their way to Rasheeda and Kirk's couple retreat. Couples involved were Bambi, Scrappy, Rasheeda, Kirk, Sierra, and BK. Each couple experienced their own trial and tribulations, stemming from stagnant trust issues and sex toys to surprising disclaimers.

While Rasheeda and Kirk made it clear the purpose of the trip was to help the chosen couples strengthen their relationships, the duo struggled to keep things afloat. Motioning through the event, however, both Kirk and Rasheeda shared the knowledge acquired through their lengthy relationships to help couples Sierra + BK along with Scrappy + Bambi, work through their differences. An impromptu disclosure by Rasheeda, in full transparency, revealed she previously cheated on Kirk at the beginning of their relationship. The latter shocked everyone but re-emphasized the importance of forgiveness and moving forward to sustain a relationship. 


Joc and Kendra experienced some trouble in paradise after hurricane Karlie. While riding to the cabin, Karlie and Kendra shared a van with the other girls. Immediately, the cast members discussed the events which went down on the cabin trip last season. Karlie thought it best to keep it real with Kendra and let her know she was messing around with Joc. While Kendra did not seem bothered, she still brought the concerns to her bae who vehemently denied the allegations. Interestingly, Joc claimed to have Kendra's name tattooed on his private parts and further emphasized that Karlie is a liar.

Upon witnessing their fallout, Bambi took the opportunity to have a chat with Kendra and advised her not to allow external parties into her relationship. The advice was helpful as Kendra & Joc patched things up during one of the couple's exercises brought forward by Kirk & Rasheeda. 


Sierra was in high spirits at the beginning of her trip to the cabin. The reality star was focused on patching things up with her boo, BK. Unfortunately for her, hurricane Karlie had other plans and revealed BK had previously cheated on her with Pooh. To add insult to injury, the aforementioned event was said to have occurred during Sierra's birthday bash in Cancun. Sierra did not take the news well and confronted BK as soon as the cast reached their destination.

While BK slept on the couch for the entirety of the trip, the two got close again during one of Rasheeda & Kirk's building exercises. Though it seemed all was well on the western front, Sierra dropped a bomb on everyone. Precisely, she admitted to cheating on BK in the past and left everyone gasping for air. 


Karlie Redd still decided to join in on Kirk and Rasheeda's couples retreat. Despite being in the crosshairs with her fiance Mo, she decided to take her good friend Shekinah with her instead. While ruffling feathers in other people's relationships, Karlie's received a surprise visit from her former fiance. Upon Mo's arrival, he gifted Karlie with a few costly purchases which included a Louis Vuitton bag. The two chatted it up, but things quickly turned sour when Karlie revealed to being tired of men and their antics. Their encounter ended with Mo storming out.

Could this truly be the end for Karlie and Mo?


Akbar V. arrived late to Moniece's recording session and the latter was the last straw. Moniece, who still felt salty about Scrapp DeLeon, took her frustration out on Akbar and announced she would be working with Tokyo instead. The two clashed and Akbar left. Furthermore, animosity appears to be growing between Tokyo and Akbar V and shall perhaps be visited in next week's episode.