In this week's Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta episode, Tiarra finally finds about Moniece, Mama Dee and Cece are given an ultimatum and more...

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.


Karlie is determined to keep things light and transparent. Over laughter and chatter on her ex-boyfriend Young Joc’s morning show, the reality star boldly went Live and invited Joc to her engagement party. Though Joc seemed touched (and surprised to say the least), Karlie’s fiancé Mo’ did not feel the same way about the impromptu invitation. In true changed-woman spirits however, Karlie handled the situation maturely, hinting at the seriousness with which she is embracing change.

On the road to newness, babies are also on the itinerary for Ms. Redd who consulted an IVF specialist to freeze her eggs, with the hope to someday have a beautiful baby boy. Good luck, Karlie. 


Akbar V took a studio break and paid a visit to Tiarra for some girl talk. The mother admitted to still being head over heels with her baby’s father and ready to give another shot at romance. Unfortunately for her, Moniece remains in the picture and the two finally found out about one another in this episode— thanks to Akbar V. who broke the news to Moniece. This is looking rather messy for Akbar V and may lead the resulting drama right back to her.


Scrapp Deleon finally had a sit down with his mother to mend their relationship. Despite the shady business surrounding his father’s return from the dead, the mother and son were able to keep things amicable. Though, mama King was not pleased to hear of Tiarra’s attempts at pursuing Scrapp’s heart and blatantly admitted her preference for Moniece.

Scrapp, who remained neutral thus far, was faced with quite the conundrum while witnessing Tiarra’s efforts to win him back. It seems throwing him a party as well as offering the keys to her home and heart were not enough to secure Mr. Deleon. And as such, Scrapp was met with an explosive reaction from his enamored ex once she learned of his romantic ties with Moniece Slaughter. 


Following Cece’s expulsion from Mama Dee’s palace, Scrappy coordinated and facilitated a conversation between the two grandmothers. Though their talk ended in hugs, tension continued to rise throughout the episode. Finally, when Scrappy surprised Bambi with a new home and invited Cece to stay with them— all hell broke loose. Since a regular conversation did not seem to work, the expecting couple threatened to kick both grandmothers out of the picture if they didn’t play ball. The latter resulted in a mutual agreement to keep the peace and we can only hope it stays that way until the baby’s arrival. 


Joc returns with a new flame: successful businesswoman and litigator Kendra. According to the rapper, Kendra has been helping him steer clear of the shenanigans and level up. Has Joc truly moved on from the games? With his recent invitation to Karlie’s wedding, his new bae is ready to test Joc’s character-- especially because no one knows about their relationship as of yet. Is Joc hiding Kendra from the world or is he hiding the world from Kendra?