As we gear up for the release of the much-anticipated Everybody, Logic took to Instagram to shout out his friend and associate Sam Spratt for designing the album's meticulous cover artwork. Young Sinatra said Spratt included many Easter eggs in his design.

"I really want to take a moment to thank the incredible @samspratt for painting yet again another amazing album cover," Logic posted along with Spratt's conspicuous self-portrait cropped from the cover. "I'm not even trying to be extra but I have NEVER seen an album cover with such detail. Over 80 figures hundreds of things to find and superb Easter eggs the listeners can literally discover years later.

The DMV rapper thanked Spratt for his awesome work. The two were inspired by the "The Wedding at Cana" by Paolo Veronese, an Italian Renaissance painter. Spratt designed all three of Logic's studio albums so far.

"Sam you have taken my art (quite literally) to another level. You have allowed me to SHOW the listener what they are HEARING as they play an album. From my first album on you have been such a key component in how the world views my work. Thank you so much! I truly love you as an artist and a friend!"

Check out Everybody when it drops next month. In the meantime, peep Spratt's cool cover art below.