Last week, retired rapper Logic sparked all sorts of chatter upon revealing the identity -- at least, sort of -- of his new signee Doctor Destruction. However, what might have been a straightforward unveiling raised all matter of questions, given the fact that this particular Doctor was donning a mask, taking a page out of the late MF DOOM's playbook. Given how difficult it was to truly discern his identity, some concluded that the newest member of Bobby Boy was actually an alter ego, a means for Logic to drop music without the pressure of his established name.

Jim Bennett/Getty Images

Of course, it's entirely possible that Doctor Destruction is indeed a separate entity from the beloved rapper-turned-Twitch streamer, as Logic would have you believe. "This kid is full of imagination," he teased, upon initially announcing the signing. "So strap on your space suit and get ready for his free debut album (not mixtape) releasing on Friday the 22nd on @DatPiff." Now, with the big day approaching, Logic has confirmed his intention to stream the debut Doctor Destruction album Planetory Destruction live on his Twitch channel, beginning this evening at 8PM EST.

"I’m premiering @docdmusic debut album #PlanetoryDestruction TONIGHT on my @twitch @ 8pm EST," writes Logic, opting to keep the rapper's style under wraps -- at least, for now. Of course, many remain adamant that Logic is staging a slick infiltration back into the game, though perhaps we'll have to wait and see just how much vocal processing Doctor Destruction ultimately uses when he takes the stage for some Planetory Destruction. Curious parties can check out the new Bobby Boy rapper's big unveiling tonight -- will you be tuning in?