The pressures of being a famous celebrity are very different than you or I. Every single thing you do is watched and scrutinized by millions of people, and no one ever resists the opportunity to take a cheap shot at your expense, especially on the internet.

However, it seems as though Logic has his own methods of dealing with commenters that make him angry, which he kindly decided to demonstrate for everyone on his Instagram. In a video, which he captions as, "Instagram comments be like...," Logic finds a user who decided to make a joke about his bald head and tell him how he really feels.

The incident spawned from a harmless comment on a Drake photo. Logic, commenting "Lemmie borrow some of that hairline 😂," on Drake's picture led to a fan responding with "@logic lord knows you need it lmaoooo." Considering that this guy is pretty much repeating the exact joke Logic made but meaner, it's clear this person is setting themselves up for ridicule.

Logic then begins to write his true feelings about this person and their funny comment, calling him an asshole and threatening to fight him. However, Logic is all about positivity and peace. So, after deleting his initial reply, be responds with a much more understanding and appreciative tone.

Let other celebrities take a lesson from Logic's behavior. If you're going to express anger towards the trolls, make sure they never actually get to see it. Check out Logic's troll beating tutorial down below.