Logic has a very loyal fanbase, but with a lot of stans, comes a lot impatience. The Maryland Rapper was planning to drop an EP as a warm up for his debut album, but his fans can't seem to wait for the full length project.

It seems like the rabid demand has been pretty effective, as Logic revealed that he may just have to skip a step and get right into the album process.

"I don't know if its 100%, but I was thinking about the While You Wait EP. Every day in my mentions on Twitter, they're like 'We want the album!'. I'm kind of thinking of giving them something from the album, and just starting that process..." he told Bootleg Kev. "I think we're just gonna go straight for the album, because that's what the people want."

The rapper then revealed that the standard edition of his album will have no features whatsoever, though there will likely be some guests on the deluxe edition. "There's literally no one on it," he said. "I just did it that way, because it's my story. I just wanna have fun... Look man, nobody is going to buy my album because of one verse from somebody else. They're gonna buy my album because they either fuck with me or they don't... but like I said-- 'Deluxe'.

Watch the some clips from the interview below.