Logic is known for his outstanding lyrical ability and a flow that's second-to-none. Through his full-length projects, the rapper has shown his capability to create a lasting effect through his music with many placing him on their list of the best rappers out right now. For anybody craving the authenticity of vintage hip-hop blended with modern vibes, Logic is one of the go-to's as he is respected by most of his fellow MC's. Because of his lyricism and flow, you would expect Logic to thrive in freestyle situations. Showing off his ability to rhyme off the dome, Bobby recorded himself rapping on his tour bus, keeping the content of his bars pretty basic this time around.

Openly suffering from anxiety, Logic has said in the past that weed helps him cope with his overactive mind when he gets into an anxious state. The Maryland product smokes up on a daily basis and he's incorporating his love for the plant in his latest "Mary Jane Freestyle." Apart from his bars about weed, Logic also spits about being biracial because that's what he generally loves to talk about. In all fairness, even though he's been questionably open about his status as a biracial man, he flaunts it because he's proud of who he is and there's nothing we can take away from that.

Bobby even shouts out Wiz Khalifa in the weed/meme centric rap. Check out his freestyle below and let us know your favorite bar from it.