Logic fans are about to be eatin' come September 28th, when his second drop of the year is slated to arrive. YSIV, or Young Sinatra Volume 4 if you're not into the whole brevity thing, is set to pick up where previous installments left off; should lead single "Everybody Dies" be any indication, it seems likely that we'll find Logic back on his beloved boom-bap tip. If that weren't enough, it has already been confirmed that Wu-Tang Clan will be appearing in full, on a joint that's rumored to be called "Wu-Tang Forever."

Now, Logic has shared reactions from an exclusive, black-tie listening party, which are overwhelmingly positive. One fan claims he was vibing throughout, while another woman claims she was reduced to tears, after being taken through "a whole range of emotions." One particularly enthusiastic member of the Ratt Pacc vows the project is Logic's best, while another marvels at how "incredible and beautiful it is." Lofty praise to be sure, and while the fans are admittedly biased, it still bodes well for those seeking cohesion. 

It's kind of surprising how many were reduced to tears throughout, and one has to wonder how emotional Logic's new album is about to get. Judging from first reactions, it seems as if YSIV will be a mix of Everybody and Bobby Tarantino II. Are ya'll checking for this?