Lizzo Shows Love In "Boys" Music Video

June 22, 2018 18:02

And she makes it fun, in the nude.

Those who have not heard of Lizzo are low-key late. The rapper has been poppin' on Youtube for the past couple of years with dope tracks and plenty of positivity. Her message is inclusive and her style is fresh. In this latest video, Lizzo expressed her love for all types of boys. Ironically, women take up most of the space in the clip. Like the song itself, the video is playful and animated. In one scene, Lizzo, accompanied by two other video girls, dances in front of urinals wearing lingerie. In another, Lizzo lays on the floor in a mermaid pose. Oh, and she's naked. There are a couple of other butt cheeks that make it into the frame as well.

The video also caters to those who enjoy Easter egg moments in videos. See that huge wall with the music notes in the back? Does anyone know who made it famous first? Comment below.

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