The son of Lionel and brother of Sofia, Miles Richie, has gotten himself into a spot of trouble over in England. He reportedly made a bomb threat after being denied entry onto the flight he was supposed to take and was issued "a caution" by the police.

According to TMZ, some "eyewitnesses" say that Richie trying to get on a flight (for reasons unknown) at Heathrow airport in London but wasn't allowed to board. Naturally, he was unhappy with this, so he told the people who wouldn't let him on that he had a bomb in his bag. Security guards were called and, when the showed up, Ritchie apparently "slugged" one of them. 

The fallout of all this was that Ritchie was briefly arrested and then released after "accepting a caution." This means that he accepts responsibility for crime and it stays on record, without getting charged and tried in court. A spokesperson for the London police detailed exactly why they arrested him: "communicating false information causing a bomb hoax and battery following an incident at Heathrow (Airport) Terminal 5."

This kind of incident is, of course, nothing new for celebrities who feel they deserve to be on planes. Perhaps the best example is the following, where Young Thug offers two airline employees (who he calls "bum ass hoes") $15,000 to quit their jobs: