Lil Yachty is not in jail, seemingly bailing himself out after his arrest earlier today.

It was reported that the Atlanta rapper was arrested for speeding, being clocked at over 150MPH on the highway. Not many details were available on his current status but it didn't take long for Lil Yachty himself to come through with an important update.

"I’m not in jail," wrote the Quality Control rapper. In the video, he sits in the driver's seat of a car and holds up thousands of dollars, stacking them up to his ear and continually adding more to the pile.

We reported on the rapper's arrest today. He was reportedly brought to a local jail after going faster than 150MPH on the I-75. It's nice to see that he didn't stay there for too long, being allowed to head home.

It's unclear if his license was suspended or what type of punishment he will face over this. It's also unclear how much his bail was if anything.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Lil Yachty was nabbed inside of the white Ferrari that was gifted to him for his birthday last month by Quality Control. Just a few months prior to that, he had gotten into a car crash in his red Ferrari, which was totaled.