We're not sure why TikTok would delete this wonderful video of Tyler, The Creator being Tyler, The Creator from their platform but, regardless, Lil Yachty has reposted it to Twitter, calling out the Trump-targeted company in a new post.

Lil Yachty has found himself a new source of income, becoming one of the most-followed stars on TikTok, uploading engaging content that his fans absolutely love. Whether he's showing off his futuristic toaster or getting strange haircuts for the hell of it, people have seriously been eating up his videos. That's why everybody is confused about TikTok deleting the glorious video of Tyler, The Creator that Yachty posted on his page.

"Idk why TikTok deleted this," wrote the Atlanta rapper on Twitter, sharing a video of the IGOR artist just... being himself. Tyler poses with his arm on an open car door, pulling out his t-shirt and sticking out his booty like a basic girl on IG. He then gives the camera a middle finger and sticks out his tongue, another basic girl pose.

Maybe TikTok thought that Lil Yachty was bullying Tyler but, in reality, it was just a playful roast that Tyler likely knew he was partaking in. The video has racked up over 44,000 retweets and 262,000 likes, with people just loving it. 

Lil Nas X even commented, getting in on the fun. "These new n***as is gay omm," he joked in his reply.



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While it may have originally been taken down, the post looks to have been restored, currently sitting at 1.8 million likes on TikTok.