A message to women who are looking to hook up with Lil Yachty: Nope. The rapper is known for his carefree attitude and happy-go-lucky persona, both of which have helped him usher in a what some call a "black boy joy" era of rap. He doesn't pretend to be something he's not and recently made it clear that he isn't about that groupie life, either. 

The 21-year-old Georgia rapper took to his Twitter today to send a message to any lady who thinks they're going to sex their way into his good graces. "I feel sorry for women who have intentions on f**king me the first night they meet me," he wrote, "Because I don’t do that I wasn’t raised that way. #gettoknowtherealme." He sent out two other tweets that read, "Smh put your titties away please I just wanna hear about your day," and "I'm disgusted with you."

Recently, Yachty had to defend himself against allegations that he was trying to hit on Bhad Bhabie after reportedly gifting her with a diamond chain worth approximately $53,000. Someone on Twitter accused the rapper of "grooming" the 16-year-old former Dr. Phil guest, a charge that Yachty didn't take lightly. "U n****s wild I have a blood baby sister who is 15 and turn 16 in June," he wrote. "U n****s perverts."