While Lil Yachty may be the self-professed "King Of Teens," it would appear that many have offered a perverted take on the moniker. Such a mentality ran rampant on social media yesterday after Yachty blessed his "lil homie" Danielle "Bhad Bhabie" Bregoli with a birthday diamond chain worth an approximated $ 53,000. Though the gift was appreciated by Bregoli, many fans soon devised a more unsavory narrative, projecting devious motivations onto Yachty's generous nature. In essence, some felt that Boat had ulterior motives in bequeathing young Bhabie such a present - motives of the predatory variety. 

Some took to Twitter to peddle their own fantasies about Yachty's motives; whether snitching, acting out of genuine concern, or merely attempting to live vicariously is anybody's guess. Some felt that Yachty was simply biding his time until the young rapper comes of age, ignoring the fact that Yachty has openly praisedBhad Bhabie as a "little sister." Case in point, one user wrote: "I feel like @lilyachty is just grooming @BhadBhabie so he can pipe when she is 18."

The hounds became so numerous that Yachty ultimately issued a response, branding a contingent of the naysayers as "perverts." Hopefully, Yachty's firm stance will staunch some of the backlash, though it does appear unlikely. After all, this is the internet, is it not?